Sports streaming platform gets a powerful brand:
S·Nation BECOMES Dyn.
COLOGNE, September 20, 2022

Cologne, September 20, 2022, Dyn is chosen as brand name for the new streaming platform for sports beyond soccer that will be launched on July 1, 2023. The joint venture between Axel Springer and Christian Seifert, known as S Nation Media, is being rebranded to Dyn Media. The new company has already concluded media rights agreements with several German sports leagues – LIQUI MOLY Handball-Bundesliga (handball), easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga (basketball), Volleyball Bundesliga VBL (volleyball), and Tischtennis Bundesliga TTBL (table tennis) – each starting in Summer 2023 and covering several seasons.

The company’s new name stands for the power of sport and is derived from “Dyn,” the first internationally recognised unit of force from 1873. Dyn was used until 1978 when it was replaced by the unit “Newton”.

“The brand Dyn sits well with our mission and values,” said Andreas Heyden, CEO of Dyn. “Power is the basic element of sport: Human beings need muscle power to excel in it. What is more, collective power is needed for sporting achievement, and imaginative power is required to shape the future from a new idea.”

The name also embodies the team spirit that drives Dyn, as Heyden went on to say: “Our employees will invest all their energy to ensure that our partner leagues beyond professional soccer in Germany are given the status they deserve.”

Like the name itself, Dyn’s logo follows sporting analogies: Many playing fields are defined by a system of lines, like goal lines, sidelines, and free-throw lines. Dyn’s logo draws on the image of lines, placing them side by side to create a dynamic track.

The rebranding will take place on October 15 this year, and, the company’s new website, will go live on the same date. The website for future customers will be

About Dyn Media
The objective of the joint venture founded by Axel Springer and Christian Seifert – who was for many years CEO of DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga – is to create a new media home for the German fans of the leagues and sports beyond soccer. To this end, the company is, for the first time bundling the audiovisual rights for attractive leagues and sporting events on one media platform. The new streaming platform aims to enhance awareness and appreciation of underrepresented sports with high-quality production standards and intensive marketing support. Within just a few months, the company has signed media rights agreements with Germany’s table tennis, volleyball, basketball, and handball leagues (Tischtennis Bundesliga TTBL, Volleyball Bundesliga VBL, easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga, and LIQUI MOLY Handball-Bundesliga). The streaming platform will go live in Q3 2023.

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